Antique K.F.E Eskilstuna camp stove sweden Atlas No 1 YLBT3


This is an amazing, antique K.F.E Eskilstuna camp stove, made in Sweden. This has not been tested, but all looks to be complete. This wil probably needs to be restored. Where the knob to put the kerosene in is, won’t turn or come off. It is stamped on the bottom “K.F.E Eskilstuna” and on the side of the belly of the stove it says “The best stove in the world”.  It is stamped on the top of the belly “Atlas No1′. There is some oxidation on the metal, but it has no obvious dents. Please refer to the photographs.

Dimensions: 23 cm H x 23 cm w

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Dimensions 30 x 25 x 25 cm